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Defining Educational Excellence

Education in Forensic Computing

UCD is home to a unique international master’s degree in forensic computing and cybercrime investigation (FCCI). This bespoke programme for law enforcement agencies could be the stuff of television drama. Prompted by Detective Inspector Paul Gillen, former Head of the Garda Computer Crime Investigation Unit, the programme has been developed in conjunction with law enforcement experts from around the globe.

One such contributor to the programme is Sergeant Michael Moran from INTERPOL. Moran is an expert on Child Exploitation on the Internet and has developed a module on this topic. He is one of a network of police officers at INTERPOL drawn from 58 countries, using their forensic computing skills to fight crimes that cross international borders. Experts from the Carabinieri, Guardia Civil and An Garda Síochána have also assisted in the development of material and lecture on their specialist areas.

UCD’s master’s programmes at the Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation are recognised internationally as being among the leading qualifications for law enforcement within this field.

Developed by Dr Pavel Gladyshev, and now led by Dr Nhien An Le Khac, the purpose of the FCCI programme is to produce graduates with skills enabling them to effectively carry out investigations across a broad spectrum of cybercrimes. All of these programmes are designed to be accessible to members of law enforcement on an international basis; therefore lectures are delivered online, with workshops and exams taking place annually in Dublin and now also in London, the Netherlands and the USA. The programme is an example of Ireland’s thriving ICT base and is held up as an example by the IDA.

To date, police officers from over 57 countries have graduated from the course. Armed with their forensic skills, these officers continue the battle against trafficking, fraud, child abuse and terrorism throughout the world.

Advancing education through expert teaching and online delivery

UCD has a thriving graduate community of some 8,179 students who work and learn on two world-class campuses, and in numerous associated research and teaching institutions. Through our six Colleges, UCD offers Ireland’s most diverse range of graduate opportunities. Our taught programmes are modularised to facilitate access, continuing professional development and life-long learning. Programmes are led by academic experts and offer students unparalleled choice at all levels. Through learning from globally recognised experts, students can enhance their prospects by becoming more expert themselves.

Through learning from globally recognised experts, students can enhance their prospects by becoming more expert themselves.

Building on the success of global learning through the UCD CCI, UCD has recently begun to offer our world-class education and qualifications through a selection of online courses. Flexible online delivery means that students can learn on-demand and in their own time with all the reassurance of UCD expertise and support.

Featured Researcher:

Dr. Nhien-An Le-Khac

Dr. Nhien-An Le-Khac is currently the Program Director of MSc programme in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation – an international distance learning programme for the law enforcement officers specializing in cybercrime investigations.

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